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About Paramount International

Thank you for your interest in Paramount International.

We at Paramount International, are working towards becoming India`s biggest 100% Export Oriented Unit in the Handicraft Industry. We are a one stop 
export house for our customers from where they can source just about anything they are looking for. We innovate the nature of 
gift articles and supply world class designs and quality with a very high perceived value to our customers, ensuring our products 
prove to be money spinners for them.

At Paramount International, the customer is central to the company's operations. Each manufacturing unit, in conjunction with the branch office, plans and manages its production levels and delivery times to ensure customer satisfaction every time. Even non standard products, sizes and finished can be produced and delivered within short lead times because Paramount manufactures in house providing unmatched flexibility and service.
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Unlike most other factories that promises something and deliver something, leaving you with lots of loss, our factory can deliver on time, consistent, as promised and top quality. 
Our industry thrives on innovation: creative product design is fundamental to our success. We constantly strive to deliver innovative products to the market and deliver superior value to our customers and shareholders.
When you buy from us, you are buying Paramount branded accessories and gifts.
Special Requests

If you have any special requests, comments, or questions please email us at:
or call (+91) 98970 32000
Please note that when placing an order with special requests (example: special glass/finish combinations) your order may take additional time to fulfill before shipping.

Thank you again for your interest in Paramount International.


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Paramount International
Paramount International
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